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We're Going to be in Indianapolis on Friday!

I'm sure you're wondering where we've been recently and we can tell you that this past spring has been an absolute whirlwind!

We began the early spring season with 50 meat chicks arriving and managed to get around 200 seedlings started indoors with heirloom varieties of tomatoes and peppers.

Then, in May we sent our poultry to market and prepared for our first local Farmer's Market, the Seymour Area Farmer's Market where we sold our delicious farm fresh eggs and those ever popular I.P.A. Bites (Incredible. Pupper. Appetizers.) treats.

Also in May, we were able to capture another wild swarm from a community member's tree and now we have three different hives. We are still waiting for the honey flow to start from our largest hive, but hopefully that will be very soon.

Combine all of this excitement with the usual spring farm activity of mowing, weed eating, and the daily chores of egg collecting, making sure everything is fed and watered and we've been

barely able to catch our breath!

Thankfully though, the summer brings with it some collective relaxation as we settle into the weekly routine of farmer's market every Saturday from 8am to Noon and also, our favorite day -

The Indiana Grown Monumental Marketplace happens each June and is the best day to sample all of the wonderful vendors throughout the state who are Indiana Grown certified. We will be there from 10AM to 2PM around Monument Circle in Indianapolis, selling our famous I.P.A. Bites at a special price for the day!

Make plans now to come visit us and all the other amazing vendors - just look for our purple tent! Hope to see you there!

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