About the pupper on the front of the regular size

I.P.A. Bites (Incredible. Pupper. Appetizers.)® – a story of second chances.

Our farm believes in second chances – we recycle wherever and whenever we can, we compost, we re-use and re-purpose. Meet the Big Guy on the front of every bag of I.P.A. Bites, Ozzie, a newfoundland/shepherd mix.

Ozzie was found wandering in the Bloomington, Indiana, area in November of 2016, missing almost all of his hair. The kind people of the Bloomington Animal Care and Control took him in, set him up with a foster and began to nurse him back to health.

A few months later, Ozzie joined the pack of Purple Shamrock Farm

(3 additional rescue dogs and 2 rescue barn cats) and has not looked back since. When we were looking for the perfect “pupper” to grace the label of our delicious doggy treats, Ozzie seemed to be the obvious choice.

We have had one of our other past puppers on the farm adorn the front of the I.P.A. Bites minis, Gracie, and our littlest puppers, Luna, Poquita and Mitzi are often featured in social media posts for the farm.