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Our Customers Have Kept us Clucking

March of 2020 was an absolute whirlwind for us. Not only because we all were faced with a pandemic, but also because we began raising meat birds,

cornish cross breed, and our regular chickens were hatching eggs left and right. Our local farmer's market opening was threated due to the need to keep everyone safe and it was unsure what the rest of the year would bring. Would we need to stop farming? Would we need to sell our flock? Would the I.P.A. Bites (Incredible. Pupper. Appetizers.)® dog treats continue? Our worries were unfounded though thanks to the valuable support that we have received from each one of you, our incredible, supportive, customers. Just when we were ready to announce that the dream of farming was gone, you showed up in a big way - placing orders for dog treats, visiting us at the local farmer's market, which, thankfully was able to be held with some safety precautions in place, and checking in on us to see how we were doing. We're all tired of needing to social distance, wear masks and have so many things cancelled this year, but we're also hopeful in 2021 and beyond that things will gain momentum again and we will be back bigger and better than before. Please be on the lookout for a special that we will be running around the holiday season which will help with gift giving to those friends on your list who have puppers. One things for certain - we can definitely social distance with shipping to all of the United States. Many, many thanks again to each of you - you are the reason we can keep doing this dream.

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