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If you are new to our business - welcome!

Wow! What a whirlwind of a weekend! It was so exciting to be a part of the WISH-TV 8 segment on Saturday, November 13th, to feature our famous I.P.A. (Incredible. Pupper. Appetizers.)® dog treats! Treats will be going out in the next day or so and we can't wait to see the tails wagging!

Our spokesdogs; Ozzie (a newfie mix) and Poquita (a chiweenie), both rescues, have been busy supervising the tantalizing smells that have been coming from the Mutha Clucka's kitchen and hoping for that occasional tidbit that is offered as payment for their tireless days/nights making sure that each and every treat is as delicious as the other.

If you're new to our business, Purple Shamrock Farm, we'd love to take this moment to welcome you and offer you to follow us on social media through Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok. Our handle for all of those outlets is Purple Shamrock Farm.

You'll also want to catch up on all things that are happening at the farm through this blog which is released every few weeks or so. We try to be as current as possible, and also keep the treat factory running as well as a 5 acre farm that houses chickens, ducks, and bees.

2022 will be a large year for Purple Shamrock Farm as our fruit trees will start producing delicious apples, peaches and (hopefully) some pears that will be for sale at the local farmer's market. We're also hoping to incorporate some of these ingredients into new flavors of dog treats in the future!

Welcome to our farm family and we can't wait for you to share photos of your sweet puppers! Remember to keep an eye out on social media around Thanksgiving this year for a holiday promotion you won't want to miss for those puppers on your holiday wish list!

Until the next time...

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