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EXTRA! EXTRA! We Now Have a Subscription Service!

It happens to us all of the time! We get to the bottom of the treat jar for our four (yes, 4) rescue pups and realize that we've got to make more of the yummy I.P.A. Bites for our drooling doggos.

It almost tortures them to wait for the process to take place; several hours for mixing the dough and cutting out the treats by hand, baking for 30 minutes and then 14 hour of drying time before they can finally enjoy their favorite treat.

Your doggo(s) are lucky though - now there's a subscription service available that will deliver 2 bags of either mini or regular size treats to your door each month for less money than the usual

price of 2 bags!

Click on the link below and you'll be directed to the shop page where you can select which subscription you'd like to do. You can cancel at any time and we promise to make each bag as yummy as the last- only your dog will never have to experience the last treat!

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