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We've got Hives!

Well, it finally happened. There is a new structure at the southeast back of the farm that contains roughly 35,000 little buzzing souls.

That's right, bees have been added to the farm as of May 2021.

Having bees was a dream and a goal since we started the farm almost 5 years ago. So many things depend on the bees; especially the fruit trees that we planted at the start of the farm in 2016.

If we can keep this hive buzzing for a year, we are looking forward to a honey harvest sometime in 2022!

The plan is to incorporate this honey into a new dog treat recipe and sell raw honey products. The bees will also help increase production of fruit in our small orchard and continue to pollinate and grow the field of untouched vegetation at the back of the property. That means many more

wildflowers and butterflies.

Keep a'buzz on what's happening with our bees through our Facebook or Instagram pages in the

coming months!

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