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It's Fall Ya'll

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Wow! Has a year almost passed since we last blogged about the farm adventures? Goodness, we definitely need to take more time to keep up on writing about the happenings on the farm so that you, our loyal followers, can see what's all happening.

This spring we started out with 50 cornish cross meat chickens again and we were glad that 48 made it to Freezer Camp and to people's homes. Nothing is more satisfying than to know that folks are enjoying food that we raised with good food, good pasture and good sunshine! As always, our chickens are raised in a chicken tractor that is pulled on to fresh grass every other day and fed a non-GMO feed.

New to the farm this year were two pot belly pigs named Chester and Spike. These piggies came from a rescue group located in Brownsburg, Indiana, called Oinking Acres who specialize in rescuing and rehoming farm animals. These piggies will never be on a dinner plate but will rather work as ambassadors to teach people who visit the farm about the breed and encourage rescue adoption for these types of animals. The piggies are also a huge hit with the young visitors that come to our farm. Nothing is more precious than seeing a little one feed a hungry piggy a fresh carrot.

Late this spring we caught another wild swarm of bees by being alerted by some friends in our hometown of Seymour and these bees set up shop quickly. It is our hope that Spring of 2024 will result in a hefty harvest of honey from this group. When we get a call for a swarm of bees we rush like the Ghostbusters to get to it first and gather the "free bees"!

Mid to late summer found us with our first honey harvest from the first hive that we set up in the spring of 2021. We got roughly 5 gallons of honey from the hive and were thankful that we could feed the remaining honey in the comb back to the bees to have them recycle it.

Lots more has happened on the farm this year and you can keep up-to-date with all the happenings by visiting our Facebook page at .

We will make sure to keep more on top of the blog for the remainder of the year so please continue to stay with us. We appreciate all of you!

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